Kings of War Token Set FREE GIFT with orders October 21, 2015 15:28

From today until 16th December 2015 orders for "Double Dial Counters" and Movement Trays for KoW will recieve a FREE Kings of war Token Set. Any order for these products over the next 8 weeks will get the tokens. (orders from E Bay will not qualify for the free gift). Please note the tokens are of my own design and are not the "official" tokens produced by Mantic Games.

I have tried to cover all of the scenario and arc angles in this set. (Race specific ...throwing rats and mastiffs will be available soon.)

The token set will be shortly be available to buy separately in the shop for £2.75

You get:

7 x 25mm round objective tokens to decorate like your bases.

1 45 degree template, 50mm war machine line of sight marker and 3" ruler (for control of objective measuring)

3 x loot the shape of a money bag

4 x Disordered..I chose the double headed arrow as the unit is unsure "which way to go"

4 x Wavering, this design compliments the disordered and is "a bit wobbly" which I thought appropriare.

The 2nd picture shows the template in use in measuring proximity to the objective.