New Release: G Scale 1:22.5 railway "Derelict Building" October 29, 2015 18:34

This model is a combination of the 28mm 1:56 scale "Ruined House 2 and Ruined House 3"and was developed as a commission piece to this scale for an indoor display.

As G Scale is much larger additional features were added to the 28mm models to ensure the kit has a realistic appearance. Tiles with nail holes, additional roof trusses, window frames and extra detail on the doors to name but a few.

Approximate dimensions:

Height to top of chimney pot: 430mm

Width left to right: 407mm

Depth back to front: 260mm

This model is the largest piece in the Charlie Foxtrot Models collection and is 2 1/2 times as large as its 28mm counterparts!