Guest Tutorial : "Post & Rail Fences" by Matt Owens -Smith February 17, 2016 18:28

Matt, a regular blogger ( and good mate has just completed a set or two of Charlie Foxtrot Models "Post & rail Fences" and was kind enough to let me lift this tutorial:

Step 1: Take the raw MDF and very lightly spray with matt black - just a dusting really so that some of the wood colour shows through. Hopefully this pic shows what I mean.

Step 2: Drybrush with any dark brown. I used VMC Leather Brown.

Step 3: Drybrush (very lightly!) with a light cream colour. Here I've used VMC Dark Sand.

That's it! All 12 sections took me less than an hour.

Step 4: Glue the fences to the bases.

The gate sections have subtly different bases and I like my gates to be slightly open as it makes them easier to spot at a glance.

Step 5: Apply sand and grit to suit your basing preferences.

Step 6: Paint the bases. I bought a tester pot of emulsion as it's way cheaper than using VMC etc. I think it was called 'coffee shop' but was fairly similar to GW Graveyard Earth.

Then I highlighted it up using my usual VMC Flat Earth, Gold Brown and Dark Sand colours.

Step 7: Finally, decorate them - I always really enjoy this bit - in fact I probably spent more time on the flock and foliage than the painting.

That's 6 feet of fencing done in double quick time.
Thanks Matt
Matt assisted me with my trade stand at Crusade Penarth and in lieu of salary, he chose a  "Signal Box" kit....having seen early pictures, I cannot wait to see his step by step tutorial on that model. Matt thanks for your help and keep on blogging, your enthusiasm is infectious.