Holiday Notice: July 30, 2022 13:54

From 6th August - 21st August we will be away visiting family in Kuala Lumpur. I will be doing a "last post" on 5th August. Orders may be placed while we are away and will be processed in date order on our return. 

I will be taking the lap top as I have a few ideas I want to draw as we wait at the airports. 

In other news, I played the "last post" for my van today which was towed to the scrapyard. My £54 new tyre went 17 miles and £217 of repairs enabled it to start 3 times before it finally died. I will be hiring a van for Colours and Warfare as accommodation and table fees have already been paid. I need to have a long think about shows for 2023. How odd that it feels like losing an old friend.