L'Ecole Instructions October 28, 2018 20:49

 Product code 1529: "L'Ecole" schoolhouse.

With all kits, work on a flat surface, identify all parts and offer up pieces in a "dry run" before gluing with a woodwork quality PVA.


 Once 3mm walls are glued together, while still wet, fix to base.

Glue this assembly to the left of the base.

One of the main roof pieces has a recess, this should be at the base of the roof and fits on the right when looking at the front of the main building. 

Glue along the apex and fix strengthening triangles; then set aside to dry.

Glue in strengthening triangle close to the apex point. Ensure the triangle is NOT STICKING PROUD OF THE EDGES.

 Run a generous bead of PVA along the inside seam, then set aside to dry.

Glue in windows and use edge of door to check they are square and aligned to the inside edge of the 3mm walls.

*** It is recommended that you paint the windows and the building before gluing the windows in place.

 Fix window surrounds and lintels using engraved lines to assist positioning. The main brick window surrounds OVERLAP the 3mm wall by 2mm to cover the join when the roof is in place.

Glue on all surface detail, doors and door canopy.


Glue in spacer to support lintels on the three large roof ends.

Glue in tabs to secure and locate roof section.

Use small 2mm spacers when gluing on fascias. DO NOT GLUE in place and remove once the fascias are dry. 

The entrance porch on the right has a separate roof. The main roof can be glued together or left as individual sections as required. Plastic half round strip is included in the kit to be used as capping tiles. The plastic should be cut into approximately 10mm pieces and glued to the ridges to hide the seams.