New Release 28mm 1:56 "Hotel" (Desire Ingouf) May 7, 2019 09:13

Thanks goes to Michal Pokorny from Benesov in the Czech Republic. Michal has had a lot of his model kits appear in the gallery and a number of video reviews too. Michal provided the concept artwork, dimensions and critiqued my CAD drawings until we arrived at this. The model is based on a black and white picture from 1944, coupled with a lot of guesswork and a bit of artistic licence to have a playable gaming piece of terrain.

Michal, Burkhard Ezluhcs (from Germany) and Bill Jennings (UK) all confirmed (independently) the text for the main title bar which I found difficult to read. Thanks gentlemen, I take comfort in knowing I have made every effort to "get it right". 

A large kit that will compliment the other models in the Normandy Collection. With 25 windows and 5 doors this is going to be a fortress.