New Release: 28mm 1:56 New World "Tidewater Home" December 31, 2016 15:38

The "Tidewater Home" is a typical Georgian Colonial style building that could be used as a wealthy landowners dwelling or a tavern. Ideally suited to gaming battles in or around Virginia. Many period features are included: cornices with denticles to front and rear, a classical pillared entrance and ventilation grilles to name a few.

This buiding would be suited to gaming the French Indian Wars, the American War of Independence or the American Civil War.

This model is part of a new range of kits inspired by wargamer, blogger and historian from across the pond in Williamsburg, Virginia: Ron Carnegie (pictured). Ron's blog can be visited by clicking this link:

I am grateful to Ron as he has supplied me with so many inspiring images to work from. A range of smaller, supporting buildings are now "on the drawing board". It is a pleasure to collaborate with Ron and share his local knowledge. It has greatly assisted me in developing authentic looking models.   Please watch this space or "like" the Charlie Foxtrot Models Facebook page for news of new releases.