New Release: Kickstarter 28mm 1/56 "Spanish Windmill" October 12, 2020 20:29

The newest addition to the "Pantile Collection" does not have Pantiles! Must have been a weight issue what with millstones in the roof so most commonly, they were timber clad. 

Although titled "Spanish Windmill" examples have been found in France, Italy and even Barbados making this model suitable for Peninsular War, WWII and pirate tables.

Two versions have been made, one with resin flour sacks and millstones and another without. 

The resin roof is a single piece casting cast from my master by Tony of Debris of War.

I am so pleased the wood grain effect came out sharp and crisp, it made painting the large area quick and easy.

Please follow the link: here to the tutorial as this is a really simple build with a few design features that make it simple to achieve good results.