2 New Releases: Bolt Action 2 "Tokens & Template" & "Muzzle Flash" October 18, 2016 20:37

New from Charlie Foxtrot Models is a totally "unofficial" template and token set. These are my take on the BA2 gaming aids. Being clear they are discreet in use and do not visually clutter the gaming table.

The 4" template and 1" tokens are cut in 3mm acrylic and comprise of the following:

9 x hidden (no eye),2 x immobilised (no tank moving),2 x turret jammed (no rotate),2 x air / artillery strike (gun sights),5 x snap to it (the square hole is cut to fit a 16mm order dice),2 x indirect fire (the square hole is cut to fit a standard 12mm D6)

I have used pictograms to portray the event and make them useable in any language.

1 x 4" HE template. The template has: double 1", single  2", 3" & 4" and D6 scatter markers. The double 1" is for autocannon fire. All the 1" tokens can also be used as 1" HE too.

Muzzle flash tokens are for the night fighting scenario and are cut from yellow light emitting acrylic.