New Release: Storage Tray ( 77 Man ) September 27, 2016 17:06

Those of you who follow my Facebook posts would be aware of my current passion for Sharp Practice 2 and continued love of Bolt Action. Both skirmish systems have models on circular bases. For ease of availability and the added stability of weight, I have been using (like many others) 2p coins for bases. The majority of 2p pieces struck since 1992 are magnetic.

The "Storage Tray" was designed for my own  personal use. To assist with storage and transporting my collections. The 4 litre "Really Useful Boxes" are strong, they stack and the contents can be seen. The rare earth magnets I bought very cheaply on E Bay.  When friends saw how effective it was and requested that I cut copies for them, I thought: I should put this "in store".