New Release: "Twin Trays" September 21, 2017 10:37

Responding to a design brief: I play Sharp Practice and Saga and want trays that I can use for both rulesets. This is what I came up with, "Twin Trays". There are 4 different trays, sold in pairs to make either 2 x 6 man or 1 x 12 man movement trays.

In one set the "Twins" are not identical in the other 2 sets they are.

As all 3 tray packs "link" together there are a huge range of configurations for other games. Moving hordes of Zulus or zombies comes to mind. Remove a tray when taking 6 casualties, reform in different widths, mirror flip the trays when gluing to have even greater variety.

Note: holes are 25.4mm allowing a painted 25mm a "Goldilocks fit".