New releases: 25mm movement trays "10 Man Loose Order" & "6 Horse" May 1, 2020 20:20

Apologies for drip feeding  new releases the website is very busy and time to upload is being taken cutting, packing and wrapping to meet orders. 

This weeks sees the release of 2 "10 Man Loose Order" trays for the much anticipated forthcoming "Infamy Infamy" by Too Fat Lardies, together with a 6 Horse tray for horses based on 50mm x 25mm pill shapes. 

Further trays for Oathmark have been drawn and await uploading to the website: 5 Man and 15 Man (to convert minis on 20mm to 5 x 25mm frontage and a 3 x Monster tray (to convert minis on 40mm bases to 3 x 50mm frontage.