New Releases: Brasserie Front Yard, Movement Trays & Oval Bases April 11, 2020 09:07

If you have arrived at this blog looking for details of the Covid-19 Painting Competition, please scroll down through this post.

Being one of the most popular models in the WW2 Europe collection, the Brasserie has now a front yard / seating area. The back yard has been out a few years and can be made up to fit the terrace or go with the front yard and be a "stand alone" set up. 

Movement trays for the newly released "Oathmark" (design concept by Paul Buller) have slots to convert your old minis on 20mm bases to a 25mm multiple frontage. Indents are marked out every 25mm. 

The much anticipated  Too Fat Lardies game "Infamy Infamy" has 4 trays for the barbarian tribesmen types and have the same frontage as the very popular "8 man movement tray" and is drawn for minis based on 1p coins. 

I have had a number of  requests for oval 50mm x 100mm bases and have now made them available in-store. Other sizes will follow if there is a demand.