News: New Releases coming soon. November 15, 2020 09:54

I have been busy working on the Spanish Windmill and behind the scenes also working on a new collection titled: "Ruins of the Reich". I had been planning this for some time as an alternative to Stalingrad ruins yet when approached by WS&S I brought the  project forward. 

 It was a close run thing getting the advert in the same issue as the article where the models are featured and sadly two key words were missed off "coming soon". 

The Spanish Windmill will be on general release after all Kickstarter backers have been fulfilled. I want to do more work on the "Ruins of the Reich"  so there will be a longer lead in time for them. I plan to do something different with this collection and want to test a few things out before release. Please watch this space or Facebook for updates.