Notice: Temporary disruption to service! January 23, 2020 16:31

Notice of temporary disruption to service:

I pride myself on getting orders out as quickly as possible and post twice a week.

This may suffer a bit as on 13th Jan one of my lasers developed a fault. I mail ordered a spare part which did not resolve the issue.

There has been no adverse effect on the business until now as I run two lasers.

This morning my back-up laser has developed a fault and I am unable to make any fresh kits until the engineer arrives to fix both machines.

Stock levels are fair/ good however movement trays are cut to order and cannot be cut in the short term. If in doubt, please can you email me at and I can check before you place an order. 

As soon as this situation is resolved: I will post again. An engineer is due to visit the workshop on Monday or Tuesday ( Now confirmed Monday 27th Jan) so this may be resolved very quickly. 

Thankfully all orders are up to date and pre-orders for Penarth this weekend are already on the van.

Stocks for Plymouth PAW on 1st / 2nd may be limited and I would recommend a preorder to avoid disappointment.

Colin (currently in melt down mode) ...on the bright side, I will get some design time in.