Pending Price Increase on selected ranges. January 5, 2023 17:09

I pride myself on getting the majority of orders packed and in the post in 2-3 days. 

Prior to Christmas my laser started losing power. Today (5.1.23) it has had the plug pulled now that performance has dropped. An engineer is calling to install a new £1056.00 tube and machine bed on 11.1.23. I will quickly clear any back log after this date. Please expect a slight delay beyond my usual quick turnaround. Thank you for your understanding. 

I received a wood delivery just before Christmas and was shocked at the increase in the cost of MDF. I placed a resin order for Pantile Roofs etc. and was advised of a price increase in resin. 

I hold reasonably good stocks of Pantile Kits and will honour the displayed prices until 1st Feb. After that date, there will be a slight increase in listed prices on this website. 

I have not changed the price on the majority of bases for 8 years. Bases and movement trays will sadly need to increase in price however, I will keep the increase to a minimum. I have a great deal of bases and movement trays so it may take a few months to complete the task. 

This "heads up" is to alert you and avoid queries for the difference in prices of similar packs. 

Apologies if it is all doom and gloom to greet the new year. 


p.s. As I am unable to run the laser for a couple of days, I will be designing to prototype new kits once the order backlog is cleared.