Salute 50 April 23, 2023 18:33

I went to Salute 50 this year to see the "Attack on the Saigon Embassy 1968" table put on by Gringo40's. Ged had the vision, did a lot of research and commissioned  me to make the main structure, covered walkway, perimeter walls and planters while Geoff from Purple Lion Creations made the supporting buildings and did the painting and scenics. Tony From Debris of War made the trees and affixed them to my bases. The 3d Printed cars, tuk-tuks and scooters were made by Paul Edwards from Sabotag3d and I slapped the paint on them. 

This massive kit will not be on the website. It is purely a showcase piece done for Salute and will go into Ged's private collection. It has been a great experience working and collaborating with good mates who are such talented people. 

Here are a few of my favourite pictures. From left to right: Me, Tony, Ged & Geoff. 

The table looked so much better with a game in progress with Ged's beautifully painted 'Nam miniatures. Once a game got underway, too many people were around for photographs and once the fight went inside, the buiding was taken apart for multi-level gaming.