Tutorial Rivers & Streams part 2 November 19, 2022 18:21


Following on from the last turorial "Rivers & Streams" where I covered the basics this brief tutorial deals with what I refer to as "special sections". 

"Special Sections" should be just that. Special. The majority of your river should be plain stretches with minimal additional scenic features. 

A simple addition to just applying flock to the banks are tufts, flower tufts and tree foliage. 

A cheap and quick addition to vary your rivers and streams are pebbles, gravel and sand. Before applyimg the sculptamould, I used superglue to glue the rocks to the base, using flat bottomed pebbles to appear partially submerged. 

I painted the rocks and river bed before applying the gloss varnish. As some splashed onto the rock, it was left. If too much gloss coats the rocks, you can over paint with matt varnish. 

Varnish, flock and a few tufts finished this stretch. 


Having a river or stream on a wargames table can be a real obstacle to troop movement so I produced a number of crossing points. Starting with the obvious: I used the 10" River Section R9 and a Debris of War cast resin bridge. First I placed the bridge onto the base and pencilled the footprint. Next I built the banks up close to but not touching my pencil marks. 

 When that had dried, I painted the banks with my "mocha" emulsion and sprayed the resin (after a soapy wash) with primer. I glued the bridge in place with epoxy resin. 

Next, I filled the gap between the bridge and the river banks with more sculptamould. 

When the sculptamould had dried I used polyfilla to taper the bridge to the base. As the filler dried, I gently stippled the surface with a coarse brush to give some texture. 


Dry and ready for painting.

I painted the riverbed then the bridge before applying any gloss varnish to the "water". 

Flocked, weathered and enhanced with tufts and tree foliage. 

The "Debris of War" bridge is such a nice addition, I have ordered 2 more for my table. 

Look out for part 3 coming next.