Tutorial Rivers & Streams part 5 December 19, 2022 19:56

For this brief tutorial I have used some river sections to be used on my North African table for DAK and 8th Army games or my El Cid themed "Oathmark" table. 

I took a River Sections 1-6 starter pack and assembled them along with a few of the 60 degree and 30 degree sections. I followed Tutorial 1 up until the Sculptamould phase then applied my texture. 

I gathered a collection of pebbles, coarse grit, fine sand and finally powdery Chinchilla dust" from a local pet shop. I used an old stiff bristle artists brush and coated the top of each piece with PVA. I worked through the texture large to small, ending in the highly absorbent chinchilla dust. NOTE: I left a bare wood area at the bottom of the "river bed". 

With each wadi section gritted, I set them aside overnight to dry. 

Using a wide selection of Crafters, Americana and artists acrylics, I painted the pieces to blend onto my table. 

I painted a mix of charred brown and black onto the parts of the wadi I had left without grit. 

Next I painted over the dark base coat with paler sand tones.

The next step is really interesting. Using a clean brush, I daubed on the "crackle gel" and left it overnight to dry. 

The top layer shrinks and cracks revealing the dark base coat. The crackle glaze did leave the sand areas shiny but this was taken back with a spray of Testors Dullcote. 

Lastly I applied some dry grass tufts and dark green small pieces of clump foliage,