New Release "Ammo Tracker" October 12, 2018 14:54

New release "Ammo Tracker" has been co-designed with Ian Day and is aimed at Battlegroup players who track AT and HE rounds on their tanks.

The Ammo Tracker can tracks rounds from 1-20 on up to 5 tanks.

Made form laser cut 2 and 3mm MDF with 3mm white acrylic labels which can be written on with a dry wipe pen.

Price increase...Pantile Range September 27, 2018 10:04

I have been advised of a price increase in casting resin. This will reflect in a slight price increase in the Pantile range when current stocks need to be replaced. At the current rate of sales, prices will hold until 15th October.

I have some stock of the Debris of War crates and barrels and again, prices will hold while stock lasts.

New Releases "Shako Range Ruler" & "Shako Tokens" September 27, 2018 09:04

Prompted and co-designed with Phil Portway from Morden (Thanks Phil) this unofficial release is for gamers who play the "Shako 2" rules.

The 18" ruler was taken from the rulebook and tokens prompted by Phil. Available separately as only one ruler is required while those with large model collections may require two token sets.


New Release: "Shieldwall" set of 8 tokens September 7, 2018 11:16

Designed for games where models go into shieldwall such as War & Conquest or Dux Britanniarum. This set of 8 tokens are cut from 2mm MDF and are supplied unpainted.

New Release: 28mm 1:56 "Pantile House 4" September 4, 2018 10:44

The latest 28mm 1:56 Pantile Kit (and most likely the last kit in the collection) is now available instore.

A higher status dwelling suitable for a merchant or holy man in Spanish or Italian settings. This model can also be used in pirate settings. Period features include: 3/4 height quoins, a detailed "masonry" door surround, a panelled door and rear balcony.



Normandy shops review September 4, 2018 10:40

This is an interesting comparison between Sarissa and Charlie Foxtrot Models.....naturally very pleased with the comments made.

New Release: Trays, trays and more trays August 10, 2018 16:04

As a customer request I drew single trays with a recess at the back to accept a sticky label. Ideal for games with named characters!

Not being content with drawing them just for 1p based minis so also drew 25mm and 2p based versions. Of course, there needed to be horse bases to complete the look for those mounted leaders.

The rear recess is 8mm deep (8mm white label is supplied; just trim to width)

New Release: 28mm 1:56 Eastern Front Windmill August 8, 2018 11:46

Newly released at Claymore and now instore the Eastern Front Windmill. This 1:56 scale model would suit Napoleonic through to WWII wargaming.

Claymore 20128 July 24, 2018 09:07

Charlie Foxtrot Models will be trading at Claymore in Edinburgh on 4th August.

We will be loading the van on the 1st, travelling part way on 2nd and arriving in Edinburgh on 3rd.

We are taking a slight detour to walk a part of Hadrian's Wall and visit a museum or two on our return journey. 

Orders will not be sent between 1st and 7th August.

Emails will also be unactioned during these dates.

Orders and emails will be actioned in date order on our return. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

I am working to complete a new kit in time for Claymore which will be released on our return.


Slight delay in fulfilling orders. July 12, 2018 06:40

There will be a slight delay in fulfilling orders this weekend as Charlie Foxtrot Models will be attending "Bossfest" a four day wargaming event under canvas. The gaming event clashes with the Battlegroup South show at the Tank Museum so I will be gaming for 2 days and trading for two days. Each evening, it will be back to the Bossfest campsite to roll more dice. Let the hobby overdose begin.


New Release: "Terrain Bases Set 1 and 2" June 26, 2018 08:10

I have been drawn into two new projects and as usual, need more terrain! I designed these for the scratchbuilder to make hills, rough ground, rocky outcrops etc. The large piece may also be used to base a building. Watch my Facebook page as I post my progress. "Terrain Bases Set 1 and 2" multi scale, multi period, generic scatter now instore. 28mm Hezter by Warlord Games 15mm Opal Blitz by Forged in Battle for scale purposes.

News: Claymore 2018 May 25, 2018 09:08

Charlie Foxtrot Models will be trading at the Claymore show on 4th August 2018

Really happy that we can attend this show..and walk a bit of Hadrians wall while we are nearby. Looking forward to taking a long road trip from Cornwall. A few new releases are in the pipeline before this space or follow me on Facebook or @CFoxtrotModels on Twitter.