New Release: 28mm 1:56 "Pantile Carthouse" October 29, 2017 20:31

The 10th building in the Pantile Collection is a rural style building. Carts and agricultural equipment is stored below and people live on the 1st floor. Ideal for Peninsular War, Pirates, Italian WWII or given a coat of whitewash, Mexican settings. Pantile carthouse by Charlie Foxtrot Models, redcoats by Front Rank, expertly painted by Paul Buller.

Model to be released at Crisis 2017 and instore on our return   

New Release: Ip Skirmish "Twin Trays" October 19, 2017 13:28

Today sees the release of 3, 4, 6 & 8 man movement trays for models based on a UK 1p. Each of the trays has 3 variants and all "interlock" to get a huge variety of configurations. I have also listed the 3 man "Twin Trays" for models based on 25mm round bases to complete that set too. Please watch this space as I am currently working on 5 kits at the same time. The first should be ready for Crisis...the other 4 for Reading.

New Release "4/8 Man Twin Trays" September 26, 2017 11:05

Designed to interlock with last weeks release 6/12 Man Twin Trays, the 4/8 man trays (for 25mm bases) increase flexibility, making the trays suitable for 4 man Hearthguard in Saga or 10 man units in Bolt Action.

New Release: "Twin Trays" September 21, 2017 10:37

Responding to a design brief: I play Sharp Practice and Saga and want trays that I can use for both rulesets. This is what I came up with, "Twin Trays". There are 4 different trays, sold in pairs to make either 2 x 6 man or 1 x 12 man movement trays.

In one set the "Twins" are not identical in the other 2 sets they are.

As all 3 tray packs "link" together there are a huge range of configurations for other games. Moving hordes of Zulus or zombies comes to mind. Remove a tray when taking 6 casualties, reform in different widths, mirror flip the trays when gluing to have even greater variety.

Note: holes are 25.4mm allowing a painted 25mm a "Goldilocks fit".

New release 28mm 1:56 "Pantile Store" September 12, 2017 09:49

The "Pantile Store" is the smallest kit in the collection designed as a supporting building to place alongside the "Pantile Stables" or pad out the grounds of something larger like "Pantile House 2". The last picture shows the Pantile Store with last week's release "Pantile Hermitage". This is the 9th kit so far in the range and a further two at the pencil drawing stage.

Suitable for Spanish, Mexican, Italian or Carribbean settings. Through Pirates, Peninsular War, Spanish Civil War and WWII.

New Release 28mm 1:56 "Pantile Hermitage" September 08, 2017 10:43

The "Pantile Hermitage", (also known as La Hermita or Ermita) is now instore. Built from the late 15th century, this model may be used in Pirate, Peninsular War, Mexican, Spanish Civil War and World War II settings. The kit, complete with hanging bell, may also be used as a chapel in small villages.

This is the 8th kit in the Pantile Collection..the 9th will be out next week!

New Release: 28mm 1:56 Rustic Pigsty & Pen August 29, 2017 10:00

In addition to the recently released "Rustic Fences" I am releasing the "Rustic Pigsty & Pen" kit to expand the Eastern Front / Fantasy range. The last picture shows the Rustic Pigsty & Pen next to the unclad Pigsty & Pen.

New Release: Fantasy Ogre "Big Shields" August 25, 2017 11:26

I am pleased to release a set of 6 Ogre Big Shields. Supplied in unpainted 2mm MDF engraved with designs as shown.

Laser cut from 2mm MDF the big shields are suitable for converting ogres into Kings of War "Siege Breakers" or upgrading a character to "Siege Master"

Shields are supplied with a central engraved "boss" this could be further enhanced from your bits box.

Designed initially for my personal collection and now added to the site for other KoW Ogre players. Shields are blu-tacked into place using existing Ogre Bulls before they get permanantly glued to my new yet to be painted unit.


New Releases: "Clear acrylic Arc of Fire" template and "Skulls" August 24, 2017 07:25

The popular "45 degree Arc of Fire template" and wound marker skulls are now available in 3mm clear acrylic.

The skull markers are in 2 sizes, and can be used to mark single wounds for the small token and 5 wounds for the large...ideal for Kings of War or Bolt Action team weapons.

New Release: 28mm 1:56 "Rustic Fences" August 11, 2017 16:46

New release "Rustic Fences" available now instore. The set comprises of 6 x 6" (152mm) strips, 1 x 6" gate strip and 2 x 3" (76mm).

After fixing the post and rail piece to the base, the cladding is simply glued on. Coming in 50mm and 30mm widths with a supply of single strips this is a simple task. Leave gaps, infill with single planks as required to make each piece individual. 

Suitable for many table layouts including: Eastern Front, Fantasy, Modern, ECW etc etc...

New Releases: 28mm 1/56 "Chapellerie" & "Hatter" Hat shops August 04, 2017 11:14

New kits are now in store: The "Chapellerie" a hat shop for WWII and a British version for Operation Sea Lion and VBCW settings.

The French model was based on an inspirational single black & white image I chanced upon when surfing. The intricate glazed windows and doorway are very easy to go together with remarkably few parts quickly interlocking together. Blister packaging was added for the glass effect.

New Release: 28mm 1:56 "Table Ready River (green)" July 31, 2017 08:59

Made by "Sammy Scenics" this 2 piece "table ready" river comes pre-painted making an instant 4 foot long terrain piece. Easy to store and transport, each piece is hand made and will vary slightly. A shallow ford is included in every set to make that crossing easier!

Now available instore...although stocks are limited.