Christmas opening hours 2021 December 20, 2021 17:40

Charlie Foxtrot Models will be stopping for Christmas at 5pm on 22nd December and back in the workshop on 4th January. Orders can be placed and will be actioned on my return. 

The Nativity scene is a custom made piece I zapped for good mate Steve Pearse. Thanks for the use of the pic Steve. 

Tired and looking forward to a break. I had to cancel the staff Christmas Party as I was unable to socially distance me from myself. 

Thanks to all friends and customers who have supported me throughout the past year. Cheers and lets hope we are able to attend more shows in 2022


Manufacturing once more.... November 30, 2021 17:59

Having had a delivery of thin wire today, repairs to one laser have been successful. Thanks to all the people who placed orders knowing there will be a delay. Thankfully I will be able to cut the few items that were not in stock and have the back log cleared by the end of the week. 

Thanks to all the well wishers on social media too. Your positive and supportive comments helped through a difficult time. 


Notice: Disruption to Service November 25, 2021 18:05

Please accept my apologies, today, the day before I leave for the Warfare show, both lasers have gone down. 

There will be a disruption to service while I order parts, fix the machines or failing that, book a service engineer. 

I have been building up a lot of stock and will be able to provide a reduced service of mainly buildings.

Please note: I do not carry stock of movement trays or bases as they are cut to order. 

To avoid disappointment, please email any "wish lists" and I will assist where I can. 

Normal service will be resumed as soon as pssible. 



New release: 28mm 1:56 "Fuel Dump / Oil Drums" November 2, 2021 09:06

From the talented Phil of Slug Industries a single piece resin casting for a range of theatres. 

My current WWII area of interest is North Africa so I painted my casting to start that project. 


Tutorial: American Snake Fence September 21, 2021 20:51

For the past two years, I have been collecting and painting miniatures for an ACW table to play Sharp Practice. What I had lacked were the iconic snake fences which give an American themed table context. 

I had researched images and read blogs before coming up with mt take on the snake fence.

My initial design for the bases were straight rectangles. A fter mocking up a couple, I disliked the hard straight edge which provided too much of a contrast to trhe split rails. 

The 2nd draft was a more organic look which evolved to be thicker to allow for leaning timber on the joints. (More on this later) 

After cutting and making up a batch of the 2nd draft, I found that storage may be aproblem. 

Draft 3, the final iteration was interlinked pieces to allow maximum use of storage in a Really Useful Box. 

I used a combination or wooden pound shop tooth picks and large "cooks" matches. Guidelines to follow are engraved on the bases.  

American Snake Fence bases (set of 7)

I then proceeded as follows holding a base strip like a letter "W" I glued down matchsticks I had previously distressed with a craft knife on the far right / then another parallel to this // 

At either end I glued on off cuts of wood approx 5mm long.

I then built up to a level of from right to left 5, 4, 5, 4 

At irregular places I glued on further distressed matchsticks sloping intowards the joins. TIP: if you place one sloping away on the far left, it will help to conseal the join when fences are laid in a row. 

Before I applied any paint I glued down small pieces of stone and gravel chips ( partly from a fish tank) to represent stone that has been unearthed during the use of the field and placed to the edge. 

To paint the fences I followed a guide from John Bond:

In summary:

Spray black

drybrush flat earth

drybrush green grey (vallejo 707886)

daub a little drybrush Middlestone (vallejo 70882 although my pot is worn and difficult ot read)

drybrush a pale off white or light grey. 

I place the flat earth on card and use a large soft bristle brush for drybrushing. I use the same card and do not wash the brush between colours to get a subtle blend of colour. 

For the gates: 

After much experimentation, I drew to the conclusion that one rail will need to be on a slope. I chose the longest rail to make the gradient as shallow as possible. One the double gates, no small 5mm sections will be needed to support the ends. For the single gates, treat the long pieces as every other end and use the 5mm spacers. 

The gate posts height will vary depending on how high you make the fences; mine came out in the region of 23mm. I lightly tapered the lower end of the post and glued in place. Before the glue was dry on both fence pieces, I glued in the gates and ensured that the posts were vertical before setting aside to dry. 

NOTE: the vertical fence posts were sunk into the ground and dd not touch the rail fence.  

For the open gates, I spread a thin layer of filler and dusted with fine sand. On the wide gate, I bent some plastic into a horseshoe shape and impressed a few prints for flavour. 

The bases I painted flat earth and lighlty drybrushed the sand in the gate entrances with a bone colour. The stones were painted dark grey, given a highlight of pale grey and then I applied a "Russian Earth" weathering powder from MIG. 

My final piece of work was to flock and apply static grass tufts, clump foliage and a few corn plants I had left over from making crop fields. 

I hope you find this of use.




Saltash Model Show September 19, 2021 19:36

Anyone local to Saltash and free on the 1st Weekend of October? Come along to the Saltash Model Club Show where I will have more than a few pieces displayed.

Tanks, cars, trains, 'planes and miniatures will all be at the show. 



New Release: Muskets & Tomahawks "Deck of Chips" August 20, 2021 11:00

Prompted by Ralph & Leslie (cheers guys) I have released an unofficial set of card alternative "chips" for those who prefer to draw from a bag rather than shuffling cards. They may be suitable for the very popular rules from "Studio Tomahawk" .

The 53 piece set is cut from 3mm MDF with a 26mm diameter. The outer ring may be painted red or blue as required. 

Holiday Notice July 26, 2021 16:04

Charlie Foxtrot Models will be going "off grid" from Monday 2nd August until Thursday 12th August.  Orders may be placed but will not be actioned until our return. 

Both lasers are long overdue for a service and this has been booked for 11th August. 

Emails, like any orders taken, will be actioned in date order on our return.

The last trip to the post office will be Saturday 31st July, every attempt will be made to clear outstanding orders before we go away. 





New Releases: Oathmark "Bane of Kings" skirmish trays and tokens. June 30, 2021 15:44

My copy of Oathmark "Bane of Kings" arrived in the post last week and after a close look came up with additional tokens to compliment the core and spell specific tokens already released. Unofficial and my interpretation on the numbers required of each token. 

New formation tokens are included in the set and new style dispersed skirmish trays are also released in both 20mm conversion trays and 25mm. Both trays have the recomended 1/2 gap between models.

Holiday Notice April 12, 2021 20:14

I will be going "off grid" and away on holiday on 19th April, back to feeding the machines, posting orders and answering email on Monday 26th.

I will be posting orders taken in the meantime as usual. Last post will be on Saturday 17th April. 

All work will be actioned in date order once we return.

Thanks for your business and patience.


New Releases: 28mm 1/56 Artillery Gabions and Gabion Defences March 30, 2021 16:02

A joint project with Debris of War (Tony did most I have to confess). 

Single piece resin "Artillery Gabions" made to fit the Artillery Trays in 3 styles. Each gabion is slightly different for models on 1p, 2p or 25mm round bases, mounted on the Charlie Foxtrot Models trays. 

Also released today are "Gabion Defenses". A set of six loose gabions to custom build your own earthworks or dioramas. 

Luke working on the Charlie Foxtrot Models "Stone Barn" March 13, 2021 16:32

Luke from Geek Gaming has today released a video of MDF painting techniques using Charlie Foxtrot Models Stone Barn. Look out for Luke's next video on youtube for more advanced techniques.